Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If you wish to invite Fr. Fernando Suarez & Fr. Jeff Shannon to your parish,

With the increasing popularity of Father Fernando Suarez, there are people who became jealous and spread rumors. One rumor was that he's charging $ 2,000 to heal a patient. Another columnist insinuated that it is all a hoax and might be a pyramiding scam. Even the archbishop frowned on the selling of rosary beads made from mother-of-pearl as a profiteering activity of the healing priest. The same archbishop warned the public of the status of Father Fernando Suarez as a priest.

The letter states that Father Fernando Suarez is a priest in good standing. The sale of the rosaries and cd's are to solicit donations to help them in the livelihood projects sponsored by the Mother of the Poor Organization.

An irate bishop lodged a formal complaint when Father Fernando Suarez celebrated healing masses in his jurisdiction. If you will take a look at the letter/invitation form, one of the conditions set by Father Fernando's healing ministry is the permission from the parish or the bishop. What the bishop would like to do is for him to issue an explicit permission. Where to the media?

This letter which is pdf file in his Healing Ministry website is a must for the invitation and clarifies most of these ugly rumors/news. Here is the html copy of the letter and an invitation form.

Dear Friend in Christ,
Re: Healing Ministry of Fr. Fernando Suarez, CC (Companions of the Cross)

Thank you for your inquiry regarding inviting Fr. Fernando Suarez to celebrate a Healing Mass/Mission at your parish. This aims to provide clarification regarding Fr. Fernando’s possible visit to your parish and to answer frequently asked questions about Fr. Fernando’s Healing Ministry.

Fr. Fernando Suarez is a priest in good standing with the Companions of the Cross Community, in Ottawa, Canada. Shortly after Fr. Fernando’s ordination in 2002, it was apparent that he had been blessed with the gift of healing. In 2005, he was assigned to work full time in a healing ministry. As a
fellow priest in the Companions of the Cross, I was assigned by our community to travel with Fr.Fernando and help him in this ministry.

News of Fr. Fernando’s healing gift spread quickly and in the last couple of years, we have been all over the world celebrating healing Masses and rejoicing in the healing power of the Eucharist. Due to the overwhelming response to this ministry, it became necessary for us to set a few guidelines. In order for us to be able to consider an invitation to a parish, we must receive the expressed permission
and approval from the pastor of the parish. If an organization is the inviting party, the bishop or pastor who has jurisdiction in that area must grant permission for Fr. Fernando to celebrate a healing Mass/Mission.

While still in the seminary, Fr. Fernando founded a ministry called Mary Mother of the Poor and it was his vision that time that this ministry would serve the needs of the poor. Today, Mary Mother of the Poor is a non-profit, charitable foundation, an apostolate helping the poor in countries like the Philippines, Canada, United States, and Uganda with feeding and housing programs as well as funding for schools and scholarship programs. For these reasons, if Fr. Fernando is able to accept your
invitation, it is expected that all monies collected during the Mass be donated to the Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation (MMP) and in turn MMP will give a stipend to the parish/pastor for the use of the

For 3-6 Days Parish Missions (Only), we require the inviting parish or parishes to cover the associated travel expenses and be responsible for our accommodations while we are there.

We also usually bring a selection of fresh water pearl rosary bracelets made in the Philippines which is part of a livelihood program. In addition, we also have several CD’s of talks and reflections by Fr.Fernando at a number of venues over the last couple of years. We kindly request that a table be set up outside the church proper so that anyone wanting to make a donation to Mary Mother of the Poor in
exchange for a CD or rosary bracelet may do so.

We hope we were able to help you understand the process involved and answer a few questions you
may have about Fr. Fernando’s healing ministry. We believe that this ministry is truly blessed by God and we look forward to the possibility of visiting your parish.
If you wish to invite Fr. Fernando and myself to your parish, we would appreciate receiving an invitation sent to us. Please complete the form below and fax a signed copy of this letter to ensure us that you are in agreement with the terms that have been laid out.

Once received, we will be able to consider your invitation and inform you of our availability dates.
This letter will also be signed by Fr. Fernando, me, or a representative of MMP, and a signed copy will be sent to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. In Canada, we can be reached at 613-225-6212 or by email at In the United States, you can contact Manny Abalos at 815-262-1691 or by email at

Thank you for your consideration.
In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Shannon, CC
I have read the above information and accept the terms that have been outlined and would like to invite Fr. Fernando Suarez and Fr. Jeff Shannon to my parish _________________________________
(Name of Church)
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
(Address of Church) (Contact Name, Tel. #, Fax #)
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Pastor (Please Print) Pastor (Signature)
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________

1568 Merivale Rd., Suite 103 5411 East State St., #356
Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5Y7 Canada Rockford, IL 61108 USA
Tel: (613) 225-6212 Fax: (613) 225-8245 Tel: (815) 262-1691 Fax: (815) 397-4614




anna marie enriquez said...

i would like to ask if father suarez could pray over my grandmother. she was given 3 weeks to live due to metastasized ovarian cancer. her name is pablita isip enriquez. as much as we wanted to go where father suarez is, but her physicians won't allow her to travel.thank you.please take this as a plea. i don't know how to email fr. suarez. this is my last resort through posting this plea as a comment. thank you so much for taking time to read this. i don't live an exemplary life, but i believe that God exists and He heals in mysterious ways.again, thank you .

Anonymous said...

A Prayer

I pray for Father Suarez and Father Shannon. I pray that our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, will bless and protect them in all their endeavours. I pray the Lord will use them mightly to bring Catholic people back to church and Jesus into their hearts. I pray the Lord provides Father Suarez and Father Shannon with all the blessings they need to live a wonderful an abundant life. I pray Father Shannon and Father Suarez always listen to the voice of God and do His will no matter how much resistance they may encounter. I pray the Catholic church embraces these two men of God divinely joined to do his will on earth. They are already heavenly crowned. I pray for divine health, energy, strength, peace, love and joy for both priests. I pray in the name of Jesus and ask God to take authority with this prayer.

Thank you Jesus for bringing these two wonderful priests to the Catholic church. Use them mightly to retun Catholic people who call themselves Catholic but do not go to church nor do you will, to return to God's house to praise him through the celebration of the Holy Mass. I ask you father to use thse two men to teach Catholics and the church in general to read your Holy Word on a regular basis and not just at Mass. I pray Father that you will use these two beautiful men to bring Jesus and the sacrifice on Calvary into the hearts of your precious people. I pray you use them to save souls and feed the poor. I thank you father for this divine union. I give you all the glory and all the praise. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

In love with Jesus,