Monday, February 4, 2008


This is an article from Manila Bulletin dated 4/18/07

Erik Espina

JUST last week, a family friend of my parents (and I consider this ‘Tita’ to be a 2nd mother hailing from Cebu) came to Manila to attend a prayer healing for her ailing knees. When ‘Tita Ester’ arrived for dinner along with her brood, noticeably she could hardly walk nor straighten her back. She required the assistance of two of our helpers to exit from the vehicle, walk, and sit for dinner, etc. She was suffering from much pain. Due to her condition, there were times she would question her faith. And she was a religious person. Medical examination of her state recommended an operation. But given her heart and age, compounded an "iffy" situation.

At 5:30 a.m. in the morning the next day, said ‘Tita’ with family in tow, lined-up at the Greenhills Church to be prayed over by Fr. Fernando Suarez. Second in line, her number was called-up, and after Fr. Suarez prayed over her, was commanded to rise and walk. And standup and saunter she did alone in front of the altar amidst the rush of tears by a grateful family. She relates a strong feeling coming over her knees during the event.

Currently, she no longer needs the aid of anyone to be mobile. The comment of other friends who were told of the miracle was that, if they did not know my Tita’s previous circumstance, they would have probably just dismissed the story as another good tale to swap among social circles.

Now it can be told. Said Fr. Suarez was also in St. Luke’s Hospital to pray over its most "important" patient. The prognosis according to insiders was actually, put in diplomatic terms, not encouraging in terms of brain function. However, after Father Suarez prayed over the eminent individual after the reported heart surgery, he clearly stated to doctors seeing the blood from the heart to the brain flow. Or words to this effect. The next day’s headlines printed the positive result of the visit.

The story of Fr. Suarez does not however end here. As an instrument of God, a statement he never fails to remind people, he extended his ministry to others present in St. Luke’s Hospital. Another prominent happening was the healing of a boy blind since birth; and the miracle of a paraplegic who is now able to walk.

From the rough narrative related, that at a young age of 16, Fr. Suarez who hails from Batangas, was aware of this gift, but preferred to keep mum about it. Such a blessing to cure others must be there for a reason, and clearly is meant to be shared, experienced and witnessed by all who search & need physical and spiritual healing.

just who is this imminent person is anybody's guess. Who was confined in St. Luke at that period must be the one. not all but someone who must be a very important person.




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