Friday, February 22, 2008

The Deer in the Highway

father suarez

There are times when I have a question to God for which I want an instant reply.
So I asked Him for a sign.

Last week, something's bothering me. I prayed and asked God what's going to happen. I
raised the question answerable by yes or no.

That weekend, my brother decided to bring me to Shenandoah Park. He wanted me to see the changing colors of fall. While on our way, to the park, I asked for the sign that is impossible to happen. I do not ask for things that I can easily see. I asked to see a deer. I haven’t seen one ever since I came to the US. Not only a deer, but a deer on a highway which is not running so I can see it very well. I imagined that the deer will be in the middle of the road. Silly me. Yes, typical me.

I did not see one, in the park. All I saw was a caterpillar being photographed by a Chinese couple. You see, you can write in a log-book of your sightings. I could have written that I saw an eagle but I forgot because I was more absorbed looking at the
grasshopper which brought me to reminisce my childhood when I used to catch this little insect in a grassy area we used as playground.

I thought my question will never be answered. We drove home. My brother slowed down. In the middle of the highway was a deer. Not one but two. They were not moving not because they stopped for me to see them. They're dead.

I asked my brother, how they were still sideswiped by fast moving vehicles when they are fast runners. My dad earned that monicker, usa, because he run fast especially when my mom was after him with a palo-palo.

Brod told me that they’re blinded by the light, so they stopped in the middle and cars may not be able to break on time to avoid them.

The sight of the two animals answered my question I asked to God.

Then when I was in bed, I saw something spectacular happened in my little altar. I blinked several times. I pinched myself if I was dreaming. I thought, I saw it moved, not only moved but circled. Whatever it is, I won’t tell you. You must brand me crazy.

When people are in the “limbo” a small candle of hope is like a 1,000 -watt bulb. But I know that we never really are left alone by GOD even in our saddest moments.

What about you? Do you also experience little miracles?