Sunday, February 3, 2008

Healing Testimonials

Healing Testimonials from People Who have been healed by Father Suarez


Dr. Ching Manalo of Ayala Alabang Village had a cataract operation on her left eye in July, 2004. It was not successful. Then she had a glaucoma and corneal irritation which made her vision very difficult and hazy.

In July 2005, she had a corneal transplant which made her see but uncomfortably. She could not read small letters and her left eye was always itchy.

"On July 19, 2006, she attended the healing mass of Fr. Suarez and was prayed over. I immediately experienced a vast improvement of my left eye as I could then see all the statues of saints in the church which I wasn’t able to before. I was overwhelmed with joy although I initially thought it was only my imagination and wistful thing that I was cured.

On Tuesday, July 26, I was again prayed over by Fr. Suarez and he told me not to doubt. I "rested" in the spirit after he prayed over me. Then I tried to read the small letters of a newspaper and I could see the small letters!

That afternoon I went to my eye doctor for my monthly checkup and he was very happy and satisfied with the great improvement of my eye. He then advised me to stop all my eye drops; that I will see him every three months instead of monthly; and I no longer need prescription glasses!

I use a disposable pair now and am very comfortable with it. Praise the Lord!"


Gregoria Benito went to the healing mass at the Manila Cathedral in pain because of her osteoporosis. Now she feels "relieved" of her pains and walks straight!

Bella Pamintuan of Tayuman, 77 years old, had an abnormal heartbeat. After Fr. Edo prayed over her, she felt greatly relieved and no longer had palpitations.

Marissa Cruz has breast cancer and toxic goiter. After being prayed over, she feels "I am healed!" Her painful shoulder and migraine has also been healed, she said.

Daffodil Pastor of Project 6, Q.C., said: "I thank and praise the Lord for healing me of my abdominal pains, stiff neck muscles, chest pains and in my right eye !"

His healing touch has not been confined to making the deaf hear, the blind see and the crippled walk, as the testimony of one Catalina Adocio, nine years old who was suffering from tonsilitis that morning in the Manila Cathedral showed.

She was in pain but after Fr. Suarez prayed over her, her pain disappeared and when she looked into the mirror to see her inflamed tonsils, she saw normal looking tonsils. Yes, God is good!

source: Manila Bulletin