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Miracle or Hoax

There are doubters and there are non-believers.You can not blame them.It is when the need for a miracle when they start believing.

Cure or Hoax

In 1950, Lipa, Batangas was a virtual Lourdes, Fatima, and Mecca rolled into one. All the media headlines focused on the "Shower of Roses" from heaven, the church tower or any unknown portion of roofing and corner of Lipa Cathedral.

Holy caucus

My wife’s grandma Paz Moran-Mata (first cousin of Chief Justice Manuel V. Moran) summoned her clan to a "holy caucus" and asked them to join her in contracting a special bus for a pilgrimage to Lipa.

She ordered my brother-inlaw, Louie Canlas, 12, to join the religious excursion with baon of chicken-pork adobo, white rice, Lingayen fish bagoong, etc.

Farther than Nazareth to Cana

It was a long trip: Lingayen – Manila, 180 km and Manila – Lipa, 80 km or a total of 260 km x 2 (forth and back according to Amang Rodriguez) = 520 km in less than 24 hours. To girls in their 70s hardship was nothing if only they could just catch or breathe one fresh petal from heaven.

Not a drop of half a petal

As Louie described it: "We were outside the churchyard as people stood on streets and alleys, all looking up and waiting for a rain of roses."

Let’s fast-forward the event. More than 20 years after the "miracle of roses," the official Church version declared it a hoax.

Hardship and suffering

But why the long wait? People suffered hunger, thirst, etc. just to see a miraculous petal drop. According to my barkada in Lemery and Tanauan, "Two altar boys were ordered by naughty priests to shower not more than 10 fresh roses from the tower every other day during dark hours."

Some priests prospered beyond their wildest dream, they continued, selling crucifix, rosaries (some with fewer than 10 beads), estampitas, poorly printed missal, pins, and all the items Christ saw at His Father’s Temple in about 30 BC.

Seeing Christ in a trance?

In the early 1990s, countless thousands flocked to a town in La Union where people of strong faith saw the image of Christ beyond the clouds as told by a young boy after a trance.

My wife and mother-in-law virtually ordered me to join them in a pilgrimage. I reminded them of Lola’s Calvary in Lipa some 42 years earlier. My final excuse: I was of little faith anyway and the vision was of no use to me.

Sum total of physics

The boy they saw in long habiliments had prospered fast and quick. The church had declared the apparition as a variation of Einstein’s knowledge of the universe, the sun and high physics.

There’s a new healing priest who travels fast and far from south to north via Manila’s popular church near MalacaƱang.

Higher somehow

This case is different, but definitely higher than most "miracles" known to Filipinos like Cana, Lourdes and Fatima. According to one priest in Mexico, Pampanga: "I checked his pulse, his neck and stomach. I didn’t hear a heartbeat. He was lifeless."

No stethoscope to check death

The "dead" patient began to stir after a blessing in his direction from Suarez, the healing priest. Remember, the dead was pronounced lifeless by a priest without a stethoscope – the instrument doctors use to listen to sounds in the body like the heart, lungs, etc.

The priest was not lying, but could not simply conclude that the sick man was dead, alive, dying or far from dead by feeling his pulse and stomach.

The visible danger coming from the practice of medicine without the use of the right instrument is not to be sneezed at.

Statue bigger than Liberty in NY

Interviewed by news media the healing priest’s first project is to build a religious statue higher than Liberty (151 feet or 46 m to the top of the torch), designed by Bartholdi, with Gustave Eiffel’s help, builder of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In the mid-1980s Pres. Reagan named Lee Iaccoca (former president of Ford Motor) as chairman of a commission to raise funds to repair the statue. Iaccoca resigned without accomplishing his mission of raising tens of millions of dollars.

P100 M for the project?

Can devotees donate R100 M to the project’s organizers a sum that is beyond the government’s power to question in audit?

If Cardinal Sin were around us he could smell a hoax or fraud, like pyramiding.



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Department of Health advice to Father Fernado Suarez patrons

My title in my testimonial of Healing is Faith versus medicine. This news is related to that title of mine. It should be pointed out to the Secretary that these people go to Father Suarez due to desperation and hope for the cure that the medical science can no longer provide.

Take the case of this father whose daughter has bone cancer.

Online Videos by

Healing priest’s patrons should still see doctors – DoH

By Kristine L. Alave
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:08:00 01/30/2008

MANILA, Philippiens -- Retaining faith in medical science, particularly your doctor, is ultimately good for your health, the country’s health secretary has said.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III issued the reminder to sick patients who have been going to “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez.

Duque is concerned that patients have been relying on faith-healing alone and have lost their trust in medical science.

In an interview on Wednesday, Duque said the health department did not frown on Fr. Suarez. He noted that Suarez’s healing conventions have lifted the spirits of patients as well as their families.

“Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s faith healing. It’s going to rebound to the families,” the health chief said.

However, Duque said patients should also seek medical help -- even if they were prayed over by Suarez. They should not forego their treatment, the health secretary reminded.

“They must take care of their health,” he said. “They have to see a doctor to understand the problem, the diseases.”

Suarez has been holding “healing conventions” in various provinces in the country, where he is greeted by massive and hopeful crowds.

Some patients who have attended the priest’s Mass reported “miracles.” There are stories of cripples being able to walk; blind patients being able to see.

Despite these reports, Duque reminded the public that the health department has not recorded any evidence directly linking faith healing to full recovery.

Suarez is scheduled to hold a healing Mass at the Divine Mercy Church in Mandaluyong City on Thursday. Anticipating heavy crowds in the Maysilo Circle, the city government has advised motorists to avoid the area.

According to the city government’s press announcement, they will close both lanes of San Francisco St. from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday. Half of the lane will be opened in the afternoon.

Vehicles going to Makati City from Boni Avenue and Shaw Boulevard will be rerouted to San Rafael and P. Cruz Streets. They can also take Nueve de Pebrero St. to Coronado Pantaleon St.

Motorists from Makati going to Edsa Crossing will also have to avoid Maysilo Circle by taking Coronado St. to Nueve de Pebrero.

Vehicles from Boni Avenue to Kalentong are advised to use Sikap and Sto. Rosario Streets.

Motorists to Kalentong will have to take San Rafael Street and make a right turn to Martinez and Sikap Streets.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Father Fernando Suarez and my dream

After posting some videos and tweaking my template, I fell asleep.

I dreamed about meeting Father Fernando Suarez in person. I talked to him about this blog. It seemed real like when I sensed him near me the night before my surgery.

Then I saw beautiful butterflies, colored, peach and yellow. Strange, I saw no black butterfly.

They were hovering around me; one kissed me on my lips. I tried to catch them but they just flutter.

I saw people lining up. There were people providing food to the crowd. I have never been in a prayer rally and I do not know if what I saw in my dream is a scene from these prayer healing rallies.

I wonder if this is a sign that I would meet him someday to thank him personally.

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Someone really cares-Father Fernando Suarez

A dead comes to life again. Another miracle of Father Fernando Suarez.

Here's the news:

MEXICO, PAMPANGA -- A man died in his wheelchair while healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez was celebrating Mass here Monday.

He came back to life 20 minutes later as he was being taken to a hospital, witnesses said.

“I checked his pulse, his neck and stomach. I didn’t hear a beat. I thought he was dead,” Fr. Nap Baltazar told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “Nakayupayop na (He was already lifeless).”

This happened during the homily at Suarez’s 10 a.m. Mass, he added.

Baltazar said he whispered the sad news to Suarez.

“Father Suarez said, ‘Wala tayong magagawa (There’s nothing we can do).’ He made the sign of cross in the air in the direction of the man [who had just died],” he recounted.

Still breathing

The man was already on a stretcher, being loaded into an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, the man’s relatives noticed he had started breathing, according to architect Nestor Mangio, who hosted the healing Mass at the Lakeshore Estate here.

Baltazar said the ambulance turned back and the man was wheeled back – alive -- in time for Holy Communion.

His relatives gave testimony, sending the crowd of some 20,000 people clapping, praying and shouting with joy, Mangio said.

In the midst of the rejoicing, no one thought of getting the man’s name.

Fr. Jeff Shannon, who belongs to the same order as Suarez, the Companions of the Cross, said the man was in his 50s or 60s.

Two died in Olongapo

Then he and his relatives left and disappeared in the crowd.

Mangio narrated the incident during the 3 p.m. press conference held here Monday.

The Inquirer asked Suarez about the two people who reportedly suffocated and died in the packed hall of the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Olongapo City during a healing session on Saturday.

Deedee Siytangco, who calls herself a media servant in Suarez’s healing ministry, said Suarez was “not aware” of the Olongapo incidents.

Terminally ill

Paz Monteclaro, Suarez’s coordinator in the parishes, clarified that the first man died a day before Suarez arrived.

“His relatives were hoping for a miracle, so they took a chance and brought him there,” Monteclaro said at the press conference.

The second man died outside the Church and away from the crowd, she said.

“He died [far] away from Father Suarez,” Monteclaro stressed. Quoting parish priest Fr. Rey Mangalandan, she said both men were terminally ill with cancer.

‘God heals, not me’

Told about the Olongapo incidents, Suarez said: “I feel sorry for these people and [I’ve] prayed for them.

“The situation in our country is so sad. The poor are deprived of access to health. They’re desperate and helpless. God’s healing ministry gives them a glimpse of hope, gives back their dignity and tells them that Someone really cares,” he said.

Suarez clarified that his ministry was not just about physical healing.

“Healing is holistic and the medium is the Eucharist and prayers,” he said. “It is God that heals, not me.”

In the same press conference, a woman told reporters she had been healed of stomach cancer since Suarez prayed over and touched her stomach two weeks ago



Monday, January 28, 2008


In a country where faith healing and prayer healing are conducted even by non-healing priests, why would a bishop single out Father Fernando Suarez?

Nasaktan ba ang ego, why his permission was not sought to conduct mass? Why will a bishop cancell a mass that is intended for the congregation? Subversi, anti-church ba?


Here's the news:

For allegedly not seeking permissions first before conducting his healing missions, healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez is about to find himself the subject of a formal complaint.

This was after Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros vowed on Monday to file a formal complaint to the congregation in charge of healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez for allegedly "not following the norms that is stated not by me but by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith."

In a press briefing, Oliveros said he was able to stop the Toronto-based priest from holding activities in Bulacan after he failed to seek his permission three times.

Suarez belongs to the Companions of the Cross congregation.

“I speak from my own personal experience. Fr. Suarez does not follow the instruction of the Congregation of the doctrine of faith on prayers for healing," Oliveros said, adding that a portion of the doctrine mandates that any healing session conducted in a diocese should have the “explicit permission" of the local bishop.

“Fr. Suarez has never asked for my explicit permission," Oliveros said, citing two instances in the past when Suarez allegedly failed to ask his approval when he held healing Masses at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy and another chapel in Marilao.

People have been flocking to Suarez’s healing sessions since he came back to the country from Canada last December.

The Catholic Church has reserved its comments whether the healing priest is for real or a sham, adding that it needs to “study" him first.

“Whether the person is an instrument of God for healing of the body and soul, that is still to determined," Oliveros said.

The Malolos bishop recalled that Suarez has already started holding a healing session in Marilao when he learned of his activity. “In the second instance, I was asked by a mother superior to leave the convent in order to attend the healing session of Fr. Suarez. I said I didn’t know that," said Oliveros.

He added that he only knew that Suarez is again holding healing sessions in his diocese through media reports.

“For that reason I cancelled the scheduled healing Mass both at the Divine Mercy," Oliveros said, adding that he reprimanded the organizer of Suarez’s activities when it sent him a letter informing him that the healing priest is again holding a session at the Divine Mercy church.

“I said (they) should not only inform me but (they) should ask my explicit permission," the Malolos bishop said.



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It is faith that made you well-Father Fernando Suarez

As I have narrated in my testimonial,I did not see Father Fernando Suarez personally. But it is my faith in God thru his prayer which did.

This confirms my belief.

‘I am not a healer’

By Willy E. Arcilla, Contributor

THE AWARENESS and popularity of Canadian-based Fr. Fernando Suarez has been soaring in recent weeks as increasingly more Filipino faithful and Christians worldwide attend and bear witness to his healing ministry at which the disabled walk, the visually-impaired see, the deaf hear and the mute speak. There are patients with cancer and other diseases who are cured. Yet, despite a cult following that seems to rival local celebrities, Father Suarez remains admirably humble, insisting that “I am not a healer” amid persistent labels as the “healing priest” or “miracle priest.” Raising his voice somewhat to emphasize the point and ensure that all can hear clearly, “it is not me who heals, but our Lord Jesus Christ, and He uses me merely as an instrument for His grace.” He draws an analogy to Christ’s healing power with “water passing through one’s hands.”

During a healing mass held recently at SM Megamall’s Trade Hall, Father Suarez repeatedly said in his homily, “I feel so embarrassed whenever people reach out to touch my robes,” again emphasizing it is God’s omnipotence that heals both the body and spirit. But despite this self-effacing attitude, he urged all the faithful present “not to feel embarrassed in praying for compassion and healing” for all afflictions — physical or spiritual — for nothing is impossible with God. He explains that the miracles people see or personally experience are demonstrations of God’s love that serve to help strengthen the people’s faith. If the source of all evil in this world is pride, manifested in being self-centered and an egoistic “ownership” of one’s accomplishments, he says the source of all good must lie in being “Christ-centered” and complete abandonment and surrender to God. “If we rely on Jesus, we will not be disappointed based on His promise that He will not fail us if we trust in Him.” However, while he urged all brethren to implore good health and a fullness of life with total confidence as children of God, he also admonished that God wants “holistic healing,” and not just “partial healing,” including the healing of one’s heart and conversion of one’s soul. He went on to pray for the moral illnesses and social injustices that bedevil the country, specifically the graft and corruption plaguing government and the wrenching poverty oppressing millions; for the deepest divisions to be healed and discrimination of all forms banished. In offering a reason for why God does not seem to answer all our supplications, he said perhaps “sometimes, what we ask for may not be good for us.”

In an interview prior to the mass, this writer asked Father Suarez if he can share what God tells him in his personal conversations during private moments of prayer, to which he replied, “God says He loves me, and He is happy with what I do in sharing the gift of healing with all the faithful.” This writer later learned that Father Suarez interacts, touches and prays over each and every person in all of his healing services — regardless of how long it takes or how exhausting it can get.

Before an audience consisting of the sick and the curious, the faithful and the skeptics, captured on digital cameras and video recorders, shown live on closed-circuit TV and later on nationwide TV, Father Suarez performed his individualized healing ministry on thousands, moving constantly and laying his hands on the old and the young, many of whom rose from wheelchairs and spontaneously shared poignant stories, testifying to God’s goodness through Father Suarez.

When this writer asked Father Suarez what he would like to tell the millions of Filipinos who may have desperately wished to attend his healing sessions, but cannot because they are preoccupied with earning a living or do not possess the means, he says reassuringly, “God heals in different ways, so we must all believe in his goodness. While it is God who heals, it is faith that saves.” Fittingly, Father Suarez reminds us of the gospel passages when Jesus brings back to life a grief-stricken father’s only daughter, and a woman suffering from years of debilitating illness touches the hem of His cloak, in which He says “Take courage… your faith has made you well.”


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Father Fernando Suarez in Antipolo

Father Fernando is now in the Philippines. Devotees from all over the country attended his healing mass seeking for miracles.

They did not know that he can also do remote healing. I know, I was healed.

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Father Suarez in Artesia, California-September 2007

Father Fernando Suarez visited Artesia, California on September 13, 2007.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Father Fernando Suarez in Vienna Austria

Father Fernando in Austria in 2007

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let's Pray and be healed

Father Fernando Suarez praying and healing thru video

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