Monday, January 28, 2008


In a country where faith healing and prayer healing are conducted even by non-healing priests, why would a bishop single out Father Fernando Suarez?

Nasaktan ba ang ego, why his permission was not sought to conduct mass? Why will a bishop cancell a mass that is intended for the congregation? Subversi, anti-church ba?


Here's the news:

For allegedly not seeking permissions first before conducting his healing missions, healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez is about to find himself the subject of a formal complaint.

This was after Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros vowed on Monday to file a formal complaint to the congregation in charge of healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez for allegedly "not following the norms that is stated not by me but by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith."

In a press briefing, Oliveros said he was able to stop the Toronto-based priest from holding activities in Bulacan after he failed to seek his permission three times.

Suarez belongs to the Companions of the Cross congregation.

“I speak from my own personal experience. Fr. Suarez does not follow the instruction of the Congregation of the doctrine of faith on prayers for healing," Oliveros said, adding that a portion of the doctrine mandates that any healing session conducted in a diocese should have the “explicit permission" of the local bishop.

“Fr. Suarez has never asked for my explicit permission," Oliveros said, citing two instances in the past when Suarez allegedly failed to ask his approval when he held healing Masses at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy and another chapel in Marilao.

People have been flocking to Suarez’s healing sessions since he came back to the country from Canada last December.

The Catholic Church has reserved its comments whether the healing priest is for real or a sham, adding that it needs to “study" him first.

“Whether the person is an instrument of God for healing of the body and soul, that is still to determined," Oliveros said.

The Malolos bishop recalled that Suarez has already started holding a healing session in Marilao when he learned of his activity. “In the second instance, I was asked by a mother superior to leave the convent in order to attend the healing session of Fr. Suarez. I said I didn’t know that," said Oliveros.

He added that he only knew that Suarez is again holding healing sessions in his diocese through media reports.

“For that reason I cancelled the scheduled healing Mass both at the Divine Mercy," Oliveros said, adding that he reprimanded the organizer of Suarez’s activities when it sent him a letter informing him that the healing priest is again holding a session at the Divine Mercy church.

“I said (they) should not only inform me but (they) should ask my explicit permission," the Malolos bishop said.




Anonymous said...

The rules of the Catholic Church are very clear on this. Even a priest who wants to say Mass in another Parish must seek persmission from the Parish Priest concerned--what more if we are talking about a priest who wants to conduct a healing Mass in a National Shrine?