Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Mail that never came

I have a doctor's appointment today. Not my primary doctor but a specialist. So yesterday, I was busy filling in some forms which I hated but I should do myself. Rather than spend extra time in asking me what's my medical history and those of my relatives, my medications and some insurance matters,the doctor's office sent me the long form.

Then I have to call the Post Office. Twice already, I received a feedback that my letters were returned to sender marked Undeliverable. In these times, when I have been communicating with my lawyer, some agencies and friends thru snail mail, it is important that there should be no problem in these exchanges of communications. If it were only messages which could be related thru phones and e-mails, I would not panic but these are hard documents that needed to be received within a time frame.

When I call an office, I always asked for the person in charge of the operations. So I found out that there were two supervisors servicing two zip codes.

After hearing my complaint, the supervisor called the postman who's in charge of the mails in our area. I know he's still there because I called 5 minutes after their opening.

I asked him if there was a time when a temporary mailman delivered the mails for a specified period during the past weeks. He said none. He is the regular guy. I told him what I missed and I heard the stupidest reason why my letter was sent back to the sender. He said that the mailbox was full for that particular day so he did not put the rest of the mails inside.