Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Pray, HE listens-Life of miracles or coincidences?

father fernando suarez
Life is mysterious. Many coincidences, little miracles that we ignore.

A missed bus that had a road accident, a friend’s unexpected call when you are in a crisis and it’s only who can give the little push up…

It may be coincidence, or it may be an innocent prayer heard…

Have you experienced being hungry and you have only a few pesos bills in your pocket? What did you do?

Guess what this fine young man, a BA Journalism student of UP did when he was hungry and wet and all he had was a few pesos that were not enough to buy a meal.

It was nearing 8 p.m. when I went out the house with a grumbling stomach and a 20-peso bill. Of course, I couldn’t buy food with such meager amount. But it’s the only bill I had left; I planned of withdrawing at the nearest ATM.

Too bad all five were either offline, out of order, or did not transact business with my bank. Grr. So I went to the Shopping Center, with the PNB ATMs as last resort. And guess what, it was no good either. Wouldn’t accept my card. Penniless, stomach grumbling loudly, and (worse) the rain pouring suddenly, I went back to Philcoa. What I had left in my pocket now was six pesos, thus I decided to go home and just rob my Piknik bank to have something to eat (not necessarily from fast food restos). I was already starving!

Then, just as I climbed out of the jeep, I went inside Jollibee in an impulse.

I prayed Patrick, one of my roommates, would be there, eating, so I could borrow money from him. Of course, it was quite impossible, but I went inside anyway for no apparent reason, perhaps just to take a rest for a while.

Sure, there was no Patrick inside. Just a Paul. My other roommate. Luck!

So there I was, fifteen minutes later, eating spaghetti.

Pray. It works! He listens!


This was originally posted in my Journey of the Soul.