Friday, February 29, 2008


How come when we talk to GOD they said that we are praying but when we say that GOD talks to us, we're schizophrenic?--The Friars Club

Do you pray, pause and listen? God must be talking to you.

When I was about to graduate in high school, I was included among the candidates for valedictorian. The teacher-in-charge of the school's organ required us to submit a black and white photo for publication in case we're selected. I was positive that I will be selected-- I got the highest average.

But I still went to Baclaran to pray. I liked to get a scholarship so I could pursue college. It's the only way I can get to College without spending so much for the tuition fees and miscellaneous. Without this, College was impossible. We're fatherless and my older siblings were also working students.

After my prayer request, I paused and sat down. This was the time, I heard the voice.
I will not become the valedictorian. But I can finish college no matter what happens.

I simply dismissed the "voice" that as my own self talking to me.

The following day, I got the bad news. I did not qualify to become the valedictorian. Not even honorable mention. I lacked the residence required for honor students.

For months, I was angry to God. How can I go to College. Even with my passing UPCAT, I still need money for allowance and for books. Besides, that time, we were residing in Sampaloc area where getting to UP would make me take three jeepney rides.

Before graduation, my favorite teacher informed me that I passed the entrance exam at PLM,the city university which provides free college education for bright but financially challenged Manila High School graduates. I was ecstatic. This must be the answer to my prayer.

Despite the many trials that I faced pursuing college, as promised I got the diploma Then I pursued postgraduate courses. Never, I ignore the little voices that I hear after praying. It must be God responding to my prayer. Am I schizophrenic? I don't care.




Kiwipinay said...

That must be the same gift that my elder in the catholic prayer community where I am a member has. She can discern and thru prayers, I can ask questions to Him thru her. I wish I have the same gift. Our prayer community will be having its 25th anniversary in May. I have been a member since 1994. When I was "re-baptized", they said some things that happened in my past that were true that no one would ever know execept me and Him. And from that time on, I have believed that He is communicating to me thru them. Hard to believe not until you yourself witness it.

cathy said...

you too can talk to Him.