Monday, February 4, 2008

Berating Father Fernando Suarez is uncalled for said the writer

This is letter published in the Inquirer about the news regarding the Malolos Bishop
filing a complaint against Father Fernando Suarez. I wholeheartedly agree to the writer.

As Catholics, we do understand that it is only proper that religious activities involving Catholic priests, especially healing sessions, must have the approval of the bishop of the place, he being the head of the diocese. But I think it was not proper for Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros to blame Fr. Fernando Suarez before the media, for all the world to see, that the latter’s healing session did not have the bishop’s imprimatur.

In the first place, I do believe that Father Suarez would not go to a certain parish to conduct a healing session if he were not invited by the parish priest of that place. I think Father Suarez and his group, when they go to a place for the purpose, assume that all requirements have been met by the parish priest concerned.

Before blaming Father Suarez, the beloved Bishop Oliveros should have done some investigation first and asked the concerned parish priest of his diocese. Then he would have had reason to reprimand those who have committed mistakes, if indeed there were any. And for the good of the Roman Catholic Church, he should not have told the media about it.

Telling the media that he is planning to write a formal complaint to the religious superiors of Father Suarez was, I think, unnecessary. Maybe he could have just invited Father Suarez to a dialogue which, I believe, the good father would have welcomed.

Father Suarez is a very simple, very humble person, and you can see in his being the image of Christ, healing the sick, raising the dead to life, in many parts of the world. Instead of making some negative statements against the poor priest, we should be proud that we in the Roman Catholic Church have somebody in the real image of Christ.

And also as Filipinos: We should be proud and happy that Father Suarez is a genuine Filipino, by his looks and by the way he speaks and moves. Even though he finished his priesthood in Canada and stayed there for a long time, you cannot see any foreign qualities in him. And the best thing that he did was to decide to stay here in the Philippines for good by putting up a healing center that will benefit all Filipinos.

All of us Catholics, and all Filipinos for that matter, should inspire Father Suarez to go on sharing the gift of healing he received from God through the power of the Holy Spirit. “Mabuhay ka,” Father Suarez! We love you

ED DEL ROSARIO (via email)