Sunday, February 24, 2008

Father Fernando's sense of humor

Father Fernando is a very simple man but like other ordinary person he has also a sense of humor. Although the story is true, the way he narrated the story in the gathering of 2000 people in Atlanta in June 2007, you can not help but laugh.

Using humor, the Filipino priest shared the story of his first healing of a crippled beggar woman whom he took pity on and prayed with after attending Mass when he was a college student. He closed his eyes, made the Sign of the Cross and prayed “an Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be.”

“When I opened my eyes she was standing, walking. My first reaction was that I got scared. I ran home and told my mom that if a woman comes here and says she’s been healed, she’s crazy,” recalled Father Suarez with a laugh.