Saturday, February 2, 2008


I do not know why the Archbishop has to prevent Fr. Fernando Suarez from conducting healing masses in his diocese just because he has no permit.

Parang kapanahunan ng mga esribas noong panahon ni Kristo na pinagbabawalan nila sa Jesus gumawa ng mga paggagamot sa mga maysakit sa kanilang templo?

Bakit marami rin namang mga healing centers na pinababayaan ng simbahan na mangolekta para makapagtayo sila ng shrine?

Naiinsecure ba sila sa popularidad ni Father Fernando Suarez?

Ito ang balita galing sa Inquirer.

DAGUPAN CITY, Pangasinan -- Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz on Saturday said he will stop Fr. Fernando Suarez, known in the country as the “healing priest,” the next time he visits Pangasinan and tries to conduct healing masses in his archdiocese.

Cruz, whose archdiocese covers 26 parishes in central Pangasinan, said too many questions hound Suarez’s “miraculous healing.”

Suarez was at the St. Therese Parish here on December 28 for a “very special day of prayer and healing.”

Cruz said that healing mass was held without his permission.

The Catholic Church’s Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith requires a local bishop’s permission for Church-related activities conducted by those who do not belong to the diocese. Suarez is a member of the Canada-based religious congregation called Companions of the Cross.

“There’s no problem that some people are gifted to cure as practically all saints have done this during their lives,” Cruz said.

But he said with Suarez’s popularity now, his healing masses are “open to abuses, like superstition, hysteria, fanaticism, and money.”

“There is already a question of hysteria, not to mention credulity [among the people],” Cruz said. “It is too much to say that Father Suarez resurrects the dead.”

Cruz said only Jesus Christ can raise people from the dead and “it’s not even all over.”

Jesus Christ, he said, brought to life only Lazarus and the son of a widow.

“Wala pang santo na bumuhay ng patay (No saint has ever brought back someone from the dead),” Cruz said.

“But the biggest question is the money. He is selling rosaries and other religious articles that have healing powers kuno (supposedly),” he said.

Cruz said even in Canada, the bishop of the diocese where Suarez belongs had banned Suarez from holding healing masses because of the sale of religious articles supposedly with healing powers.

He said solicitation letters have been also circulating for the construction of Suarez’s healing center in Batangas.

According to reports, the Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation, which Suarez heads, is building the Montemaria shrine in Batangas City. The centerpiece is the 33-story-high statue of Mary Mother of the Poor.

Cruz said Suarez is banned from holding healing masses in his archdiocese on a “case to case” basis. He said the ban is not an issue within the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

He said Suarez could hold healing Masses freely in Metro Manila and Batangas because the bishops there allowed him to do so.

“They believe in him. And that’s okay,” he said.

Malolos (Bulacan) Bishop Jose Oliveros had earlier complained that Suarez’s healing activities were conducted without his permission.

But Cruz said he wished Suarez well.

“I hope he really cures -- and I want that very clear -- and cures as many [sick people] as possible, especially in this country where medicines, seeing a doctor, and hospitalization are very expensive,” he said.




Anonymous said...

Hindi raw naniniwala si Bioschop Cruz na nakakabuhay ng patay si Fr. Suarez. Si Jesus daw lamang ang makakagawa nito. Nagbabasa ba ng Bibliya ang taong ito o gusto lamang samahan ang kanyang kumparing si Bischop Olivarez. Hindi niya ba alam ang kapangyarihan ng Diyos, na gumagamit siya ng tao o ng anoman upang mahayag ang kanyang kapangyarihan. And now these three remain Faith Hope & Love, But the greatest is Love.

jorge said...

Kpag tumigil si Fr. Suarez ng pagpapagaling dapat magpagaling din si Archnischop Cruz para naman sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan na walang maipagpagamot at iyong wala ng pag-asa na nagkakapag-asa dahil kay Fr. Suarez. Kaya kaya ng mga Arxhishop na ito ang gawain ni Fr. Suarez na di na natutulog para lamang mabigyan ng pag-asa ang mga taong ito? Di ba niya nakikita ang mga project ng MMP Foundation?

cathy said...

Nag-iingay lang ang arsobispo para mapansin. Nasasapawan.

Marahil, naiisip niya na malaking kabawasan sa simbahan ang mga donasyon kay Fr.

Hindi siguro niya alam na may bahagi ang mga parish churches na pinupuntahan niya sa donasyong natatanggap niya para sa pagtulong sa mga parishioners na mahihirap.

Anonymous said...

This is the Catholic Church version of the ZTE deal.
The question “who gets the better piece”.
However the only difference is that in the national government version, First gentleman got the better piece so that is why Joey is crying foul.
But in the case of the Catholic Church Suarez got the better piece, that is why Bishop Cruz is exercising/ abusing his powers.
Its all about the money, Joey wants project funding, while solicitation and donations for bishop Cruz.
Mga mukhang pera.

melinda y said...

its a shame that instead of MR CRUZ AND MR OLIVAREZ i just decided to addressed them not BISHOP because i feel that they are not supposed to be in that position, what i expect is for them to 100% support FR. FERNANDO SUAREZ AND 100% APPRECIATE HIM because the world wanted his gift of healing everybody is dreaming to be touch by him but he has only one body, instead, fr fernando choose to be in his own country, kasi we need him to save a lot of money for paying medical bills and a lot of people has to be with albularyo kasi walang pambayad sa doctor and hospitals. My personal testimonial I wa personally healed by fr. fernando with my breast cancer, i was told, i have the worst cancer cells in my body that i will die, even the best doctors and the best hospital cannot help me here in canada but father fernando suarez was an instrument by the holy spirit to heal me, if mr cruz and mr olivarez wants a proof PAPANO SILA NAGING PRIEST, DOUBT IS FOR EVIL, jealousy and envy are evil, im scared that the leader of our church in the philippines are on the other side not with the lord remember YOUR BELIEF WILL HEAL YOU, those who dont believe will never have the chance to experience the power of the holy spirit.HINDI PWEDENG BUMABA SA LUPA SI KRISTO PARA SABIHIN KAY MR CRUZ AND MR OLIVAREZ NA, HERE I AM JESUS IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, Again HOLY SPIRIT WILL USE AN INSTRUMENT AND JUST TO REMIND THIS KULANG SA PANSIN NA MGA ITO, i hope they will attend the healing mass of father fernando, HE ALWAYS MENTIONED IN HIS MASSS, IM NOT THE ONE WHO HEALED, I T S J E S US, i pray to the LORD that they will be humble enough to attend and experienced the healing gift of father fernando suarez but if they cannot even humble themselves to acknowledge that Jesus is in every healing mass of father fernando.IM VERY SORRY AND SAD, PLS GO BACK TO THE BIBLE.JUST BEING HUMBLE YOU ARE ALREADY WITH THE LORD, IF YOU ARE NOT HUMBLE SO WHERE DO YOU BELONG, ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION AND ASK THE LORD REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS, ANYWAY I TOLD FATHER FERNANDO, YOU ARE AN INSTRUMENT BY THE LORD, A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL NOT BELIEVE AND QUESTION YOUR CREDIBILITY BUT DONT WORRY I SAID TO HIM. JESUS CHRIST WAS CRUCIFIED, WHO ARE YOU TO DISPUTE, MARAMI PANG PAGSUBOK, THATS YOUR CALLING. I HOPE WITH ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPENING IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. WE MUST BIND TOGETHER REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE. ALWAYS BE HUMBLE, FORGET ABOUT YOUR TITLE KASI MAGKAKASAKIT KA NG TITLELAYTES WALANG GAMOT DOON, IF YOU HOLD A HIGH POSITION AS bishop, respect yourself before people can respect you and last but not the least, COPY FATHER FERNANDO HE IS A SERVANT NOT A TITLE LAYTIS, CAN YOU BE A SERVANT NOT A BOSS PLS PLS PLS, SUPPOSED TO BE,BISHOP HAS TO BE RESPECTED, I AM JUST DISGUSTED AND ASHAMED OF THE ATTITUDE THIS BISHOP IS PROMOTING.MORE POWER TO FR. FERNANDO OF ALL HIS SACRIFICE TO BE SERVICING HIS OWN PEOPLE IN FACT HE CAN BE ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR HIS TOUCH, DIFFERENT RELIGION, DIFFERENT NATIONALITY, BUTI PA ANG IBANG LAHI NAAAPRECIATE AND GIFT NI FATHER FERNANDO AND THIER DREAMING TO BE TOUCH BY HIM, PERO HINDI KO MAINTINDIHAN AND ATTITUDE AND MGA BISHOP SA PILIPINAS NA GANYAN ANG PAGTANGGAP NILA SA GIFT NI FATHER. ITS HURTING WHEN YOUR OWN PEOPLE CRUCIFY YOU FOR YOUR GIFT OF HEALING FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT. MORE POWER TO FATHER FERNANDO AND TAKE VERY GOOD CARE, THE WORLD LOVE YOU FATHER, SPECIALLY CANADA, we miss you here. DATED NOVEMBER 7,2009