Saturday, November 3, 2007

Faith Healing, does it work? part 3


After I wrote about my "battle", pledges of prayers started pouring in.
I started writing my memoirs. Surprisingly, I wrote several entries during my sick moments. May be I was in a hurry to finish it before I entirely lose my lucidity.

Reluctantly, I again submitted myself to the non-invasive medical procedures as ordered by my primary healthcaregiver.

Friends called. There were mixed reactions. Some people who know me well are convinced that I will win the fight. I liked to hear those assurances but with the diagnoses and all I just told them that I leave it to God.

A close friend of mine asked me what my friendly spirits were "telling" me. At that point, there was no "message" except that they too were praying. Ahhh so I thought, it's really that hopeless since even my mom would not give me any sign. My deceased friend whom I had a pact before he died of cancer that we will still be in touch, briefly appeared as I was going to the bathroom, one night. It was just an assurance. KAYA mo yan BOk, ikaw pa.

My dreams were all about seeing and talking with my dead relatives and friends. I thought it was a welcoming committee.

While waiting for the "final verdict" I prayed the rosary every day as I am aware that I am prayed over. There were mornings when I can feel the jolt, the energy that seeped into my body. My sister explained that they were signs that the pray overs are working. But what about if it was just the power of my brain working? My desire to live? But I doubted that also because with the pain, I wish I were dead. I just wanted it to be quick.

I had difficulty walking even inside the house. I could not stand longer than five minutes in the kitchen cooking without leaning to the counters. In getting up from bed, I have to roll over to the side, slide down the carpet, walk on fours until I could pull myself up. Where was the pain coming from? All over.

Yeah, I believe in supernatural but it doesn't mean I easily believe without doubting. When Dr. Emer said that he personally e-mailed Father Suarez for long distance healing, I said okay but in my mind, would it WORK ? That night, I sensed his presence in my room.

To be continued...

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