Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prayers from Friends

I have been receiving e-mails of support and prayer wishes from friends, fellow bloggers and readers.

One of them is Lorena Marzan who's from San Francisco but I just came to know her for a month now after she religiously leaves comments in my entries. Then we talked over the phone on her way to the SFGH to attend to her mom who has been there for six months now.

Today she forwarded to me a letter she wrote to a healing priest.

I was reading her blogs and has been posting comments on it too. I have not seen her personally, only thru telephone conversations. Please include her in your prayers as well as she is now undergoing battery of tests for Cancer.

Thank you Lorena and those who express their faith that I can survive this crisis.

I need to have the BIG FAITH and the WILL to LIVE.