Sunday, November 4, 2007

Faith Healing, does it work? part 4


So even with the "gift" of mine, I could not tell what future awaits for me. I remember the homily of one priest about special people--those with gifts in whatever form, he said that without the power of God, there will be no such powers.

So I have to ask for a sign that will come from Him and not from my hunch, not from the crystall ball and definitely not from the solitaire.

I asked for the most impossible thing that I could get hold of before the second verdict. When I was young, I used to pray the novena in Baclaran. My father's patron saint.

So I asked for a copy of the novena. I called my friend whose wife was in the Philippines to buy one for me. Unfortunately, his wife advanced her flight and had just arrived.

A close friend in Los Angeles whom I have not heard for a long time called and promised to get one, only to call again that he could not find any not even his own.

A friend in San Francisco sent his only copy. Unfortunately, it did not reach me. The Post Office returned it back to him for a stupid reason.

I pondered that the sign that I asked was not coming. I had to accept my fate. So much with the prayer healing, I told myself.

That day, my brother gave me company to get the results.

As I have written before, that was the longest wait, I ever experienced. The doctor came.
He asked me how I am? What would I answer? Good? Feeling good that I am dying?

I am not prone to crying. It's not me. But he could see that I was sad. He put his arms around me and said, the results showed that the "activities " shown in the previous tests are no longer there?

I asked , what do you mean, no longer there?

The cancers are no longer there.

Well, if in the previous tests, there were "10" the second set of tests showed that there were only "five." He was trying to explain what he cannot because he himself is puzzled.

"Could there be a mistake in the first sets of tests? " I asked.

"For one consulting physician, it may be possible, but the medical specialists who interpreted the reports come from different departments of the hospital. "

He asked me the question, "Aren't you happy that it was good news?"

"Yes, I am but I want to be sure." In my mind, but I did not get the sign I asked for.

"That's the reason why I am referring you to private medical practitioners on oncology, pathology, gastroenterology for "invasive medical procedures" to verify the second set of virtual examinations. It may hurt since there will be surgeries but it is the only way to check." He said.

Before coming home, I bought a small bouquet of flowers. I remember when I used to offer flowers in my altar.

Upon coming home, I looked at the mail. It came from one of the blogkadahan friends of mine, Rome. I opened it. It was a Christmas card. What crossed my mind was he must have thought that he should send a card before Christmas. Then I looked inside. There was the novena of the Perpetual Help.

I read what he wrote inside."Tell me the good news". He did not even know that the novena was the sign I was asking for.

The envelop did not have any postal mark where it came from, when was it sent. Did it fly thru the air?

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Here is one mail that came later also from this place.

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So I called him. He said that it just appeared in front of him.

To be continued...

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