Friday, November 2, 2007

Faith Healing, does it work? part 2

My prescriptions for my diabetes and hypertension run out. I had to look for a new healthcare provider in my new place. I found one. But he would not give me prescriptions not unless I go to the whole process of examination, the blood test etc including repeat mammography. He also recommended for ultrasound, x-rays, etc.

Then more blood tests.

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I did not know that there are more than a hundred types of blood tests depending on what chemicals they're looking for to detect abnormality especially cancer. Years ago, I was puzzled when the husband of my friend was given only three months to live after detecting leukemia when all the while he was undergoing treatment for another illness. I just thought that blood tests for a specific illness would reveal other abnormalities. I was wrong.

There was a lump in my underarm. The pain in my abdomen was becoming more intense that I stooped when I walked. I got pain in my hip that radiates to my knee and leg. The pain in my left ear emanating from the brain was unbearable. I was coughing profusely.

After my last ultrasound for that second series of lab tests, the doctor's office called to make an appointment with him the following day to discuss the results.

He said he got the full reports sent to him by the hospital where the tests were conducted after the oncology department alerted him. All blood tests were abnormally high and the liver showed so many "activities pointing" to the different regions of the bodies affected when C has already metastasized. I called one doctor friend of mine and confirmed that when it metastasized, it would attack the lungs and other vital organs.

He said the verdict. I have the dreaded C in most of my organs. He scheduled me for another series of lab tests. I thought what's the use?

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I came home sad. In one of my meditative moments," I blurted out "so what God, what else do you want." I was full of anger, hate and depression while I was calm outside watching movies, blogging and reading. I did not want to talk to my loved ones. I did not want to be pitied. I did not want to vent out my anger to any one of them which I did on several occasions.

But I called my sister who is the most prayerful among the siblings. I called up my former boss in the Philippines who for years was encouraging me to come home to help him in his job. I bid good bye.

To be continued...

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