Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Faith Healing , does it work ? part 6

The first surgery was chronicled in this blog of mine, The Journey to the surgery Room.Before the surgery was made, I revisited the cyber healing of Fr. Suarez in youtube before I went to the hospital. I was taken aback by this:

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How can I forgive a person who's responsible for my misery? How can I forgive a person who must have known that I already got the C but he did not bother to advise me and help me see a specialist? He must have thought of the financial burden of medication and treatment. How can I forgive a person who did not bother to call and ask how I am when he learned about my illness?

It was not an easy task to forgive especially if a person does not even care.

So if the condition to be healed is to forgive, I am sorry but I thought I had a lot of reasons why I can't.

The second surgery was made by the oncologist which is narrated in this blog, Two Angels and One Devil.

The verdicts of the specialists were to be handed down last week of October. Between the periods of surgeries and the follow-ups, I started dreaming about my mother. She was cleaning a house. So in the dream, I asked her if that's for me.

In my blog Is there a miracle , I wrote about her message that I can choose to live longer. She made me understand how she also forgave us, her children many times. She asked me why I am not wondering that despite the person's refusal to help, I could get the best medical attention that I need? She pointed to me that the individual must have closed his house for me in anticipation of the burden of caring for one who's sick but I managed with my brother's help.

So it is my choice. Anger and unforgiveness contribute to one's illness.

That night, I cried and said I forgive.

The following day, my oncologist told me that the tumors and the lesions in my liver are no longer there as revealed by the liver biopsy and the series of blood tests that she ordered before the surgery. But I would be on the watch. Follow up would be within three to six months.

November 1, the gastroenterologist told me that the polyps she removed were hereditary risks. I asked why the CATscan showed a bigger mass and sometimes there are blood in my stool? She also expected worse than what she found. It was just like finding a mouse in a scary silhouette of an elephant. The blood tests now are found to be normal.

Yesterday, I e-mailed Dr. Emer. He's in Europe. He's happy that he could help. Rome was also ecstatic. My friend in Concord is also glad. My friend in New Jersey was upset. He said that he was already collecting for my vigil. (hahahaha)

To my other friends who sent their concerns and prayers, yes, prayer healing works if there is faith and forgiveness.

And I am now praying extra for those who need the prayers too.

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