Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When Life Gets You Down

I just talked to a friend. She bought her second house which she is renting out.
When she came to the States, her future and that of her family was uncertain. They fled from the turmoil in the country where they're from. She got also two houses in that country. She sold one and left the other to a relative. She could not believe that she was starting anew.

Her first years were definitely a time for trial like when she became a teen mom when she was young and almost did not finish her education. Their father left the family when she was two years old.

She married a classmate and have two more children while her eldest stayed with her mother.

When she was looking for a job, she had sent more tha a hundred resumes. She visited each and every building in New York to look for employment.

Looking back, she vould not believe that she was able to stand so many trials. She's active in her parish in community outreach program.

This poem may have served her as inspiration:

His Faithful Care

When life gets you down
With its troubles and cares
and the winds of the air,
You need only to look
at the places, you've been,
And the days with no end,
For they each will remind you
How you made it through
And each will bring hope
And with comfort too,
For God's care is for always,
Not just now and then,
Each yestersay and tomorrow,
Each and every day my friend.

By Gina Mazulo Laurin

from Salesian Inspiration Books