Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Faith in Darkness

touched by a miracle

There was a time when I lost my job because I visited my mother in another State. It was a one way ticket given to me by a sister. We just thought of getting one when I reach my destination. I found out however that securing one for the return trip was not that easy. First, you have to book at least 21 days otherwise, you will be paying three times the airfare. I did not have that money. My employer threatened me of termination if I do not come back as soon as possible. But while I was away, one of the offices was padlocked by IRS due to tax problems.

I could not come back asap. A friend came to my rescue. He bought me a ticket but I still had to wait for two weeks. My employer said that there is no more job for me.

I stayed in my friend's house while waiting for my flight. I was depressed. It was my birth month. If I did not have that strong faith, I could have taken my life due to desperation and anguish. I felt that my family, my friends were not there for me.

I know people at one point experienced the same hopelessness.

This poem of Beverly Anderson gives inspiration during dark hours of our life.

When castles and strong holds crumble to dust,
When clouds hide the sun from our view,
Then that is the time our trust must be strong
In God Who is faithful and true.

When everything's gone on which we have leaned
God's promises remain secure...
An anchor that holds whatever the storm,
and gives us the strength to endure.

It's better to walk by faith than by sight,
Be led by God's wisdom divine;
And when our paths wind through darkest of night,
That's just the time for faith to shine.

God's light seen us in times of distress,
May give someone else faith to cope.
Our courage displayed by strength from the Lord
Can show them in God there is hope.

source:New Hope Books