Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Department of Health advice to Father Fernado Suarez patrons

My title in my testimonial of Healing is Faith versus medicine. This news is related to that title of mine. It should be pointed out to the Secretary that these people go to Father Suarez due to desperation and hope for the cure that the medical science can no longer provide.

Take the case of this father whose daughter has bone cancer.

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Healing priest’s patrons should still see doctors – DoH

By Kristine L. Alave
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:08:00 01/30/2008

MANILA, Philippiens -- Retaining faith in medical science, particularly your doctor, is ultimately good for your health, the country’s health secretary has said.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III issued the reminder to sick patients who have been going to “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez.

Duque is concerned that patients have been relying on faith-healing alone and have lost their trust in medical science.

In an interview on Wednesday, Duque said the health department did not frown on Fr. Suarez. He noted that Suarez’s healing conventions have lifted the spirits of patients as well as their families.

“Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s faith healing. It’s going to rebound to the families,” the health chief said.

However, Duque said patients should also seek medical help -- even if they were prayed over by Suarez. They should not forego their treatment, the health secretary reminded.

“They must take care of their health,” he said. “They have to see a doctor to understand the problem, the diseases.”

Suarez has been holding “healing conventions” in various provinces in the country, where he is greeted by massive and hopeful crowds.

Some patients who have attended the priest’s Mass reported “miracles.” There are stories of cripples being able to walk; blind patients being able to see.

Despite these reports, Duque reminded the public that the health department has not recorded any evidence directly linking faith healing to full recovery.

Suarez is scheduled to hold a healing Mass at the Divine Mercy Church in Mandaluyong City on Thursday. Anticipating heavy crowds in the Maysilo Circle, the city government has advised motorists to avoid the area.

According to the city government’s press announcement, they will close both lanes of San Francisco St. from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday. Half of the lane will be opened in the afternoon.

Vehicles going to Makati City from Boni Avenue and Shaw Boulevard will be rerouted to San Rafael and P. Cruz Streets. They can also take Nueve de Pebrero St. to Coronado Pantaleon St.

Motorists from Makati going to Edsa Crossing will also have to avoid Maysilo Circle by taking Coronado St. to Nueve de Pebrero.

Vehicles from Boni Avenue to Kalentong are advised to use Sikap and Sto. Rosario Streets.

Motorists to Kalentong will have to take San Rafael Street and make a right turn to Martinez and Sikap Streets.

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