Sunday, August 3, 2008


One of the criticisms of the bishop who banned Fr. Suarez in his parish is that he is selling something to the people who come for healing. The bishop did not say that this is the porduct of the livelihood program that Fr. Suarez put up to raise money for the feeding and education assistance projects of the Mary Mother of
Poor Mission

I have thatRosary bracelet.

rosary bracelet

In Matthew 13:45-46 Jesus said, "The Father's kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the single pearl for himself. So also with you, seek his
treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys."

When was the Rosary Bracelets Livelihood Program conceived? Fr. Fernando Suarez came to the Philippines June of 2006 with a group of missionaries from Canada to start up a livelihood program in Barangay Butong, Taal Batangas, his hometown. The group stayed in Villa Clavel,Nonong Casto, Lemery, Batangas through the hospitality of the owner Clavel Benda┼ła.

Josephine Marie “Baby” Lizares who happened to be staying with Clavel at the time was asked to look after the missionaries during their stay. It became evident that it was all a part of God’s plan as Fr. Fernando ended up asking Baby, who has five years experience in making costume jewelry, to head up the livelihood program. Let us just say, the rest is history. To date, we have distributed 250,000 rosary bracelets in the Philippines and all over the world.

What was the inspiration for the rosary bracelets? Fr. Fernando and Baby went to Quiapo to buy materials to be used for the livelihood program. There was a Muslim who kept on following Fr. Fernando trying to sell him a strand of pearls. Fr. Fernando got scared as he would not leave him alone. To get rid of the guy, Fr.Fernando ended up buying the strand of pearls.

Then he thought to himself, “What are we going to do with these pearls?” He was then inspired with the idea of using the pearls to make rosary bracelets. That same day, when they got home,Baby ended-up making the first ever MMP rosary bracelet.

The Phenomenon of the Rosary Bracelets! It
did not take long until the rosary bracelets became a hot commodity. Wherever Fr. Fernando and Fr.Jeff went, they were in demand. The most wonderful thing that happened is the testimonies of people being healed when they rub the bracelets in
the parts of their body that are in pain or inflicted.

The Miracle Rosary Credited for Lump Disappearance. In Valencia, California, Cielly
Pagador testified that on October 23, 2006, she was booked at the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital for surgery to remove the mass in her breast. However, on October 21, 2006, the Saturday before her scheduled surgery, she attended a General Assembly of their community and Frances Atienza was distributing some of Fr.Fernando’s rosary bracelets for donation. She took one immediately and started to rub the beads on the
affected area of her breast. She did it again and prayerfully retired to prepare for her surgery the following day. The next day she was immediately wheeled into the
operating room. The anesthesiologist was getting ready to mark the place where the incision was going to be made when suddenly, he asked “Where’s the mass?” He searched for a while but could not find where the lump was. Finally, he decided to abort and cancelled the surgery. She went home praising God and thanking Fr.Fernando and could hardly wait to call everyone to share the good news. The following week, she saw
one of her friends who had enlarged thyroids and was also scheduled for surgery. Having just experienced the miraculous power of the rosary bracelet, she wasted no time to deliver one of them to her. Our Lord through the intercession of His
Blessed Mother did not disappoint again as her friend’s thyroid shrunk so small that her surgery was also cancelled.

As in the parable, the merchant who gave up his merchandise for the pearl he had found, people around the world, through the Most Holy Rosary with the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, give up all their concerns to “The Pearl of Great Price”,
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for truly, He is the only answer to our concerns.